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Hi everyone I’m Karla with Kelly design and welcome to decor with love coaching where my goal is to provide you with love inspiration and creativity that you can add to your home with just a nugget of decor coaching. So today I want to talk about inspiration one of the first things I do when working with a new a decor client is ask them to provide me with some inspiration of what they love and sometimes this can overwhelm people and I usually hear I don’t know I don’t know what my style is that’s why I’ve come to a designer and. So I just want to talk about inspiration and finding inspiration and finding your own personal style in design. So one of the first things to do is get magazines get design magazines go through them rip out pages of what you like and when I say what you like it doesn’t have to be I like that exact chair I like that couch I like that color it can just be an overall look and feel.

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So rip out those magazines go online look at pictures save pictures that you like again it could be you could be decorating a living room and save pictures of what you like in a bedroom just whatever you’re attracted to then when you look at these pictures altogether and this is something I love helping clients do is we really get a feel for what your style is are you traditional are you mid century are you contemporary are you a mix of both do you like eclectic do you like bold and through those inspiration images we’re really able to build and work on a room and a home that suits your style. So again when you’re looking for inspiration or thinking I’m go on take my home to the next level just get those magazines look online and don’t stress out about finding the exact right item or the exact color or the exact pattern just go with an overall feel and I promise you when you look at them all combined there’ll be a lot of similarities and will really help find your style and make it easier when you’re shopping for different items down the road.

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