Interior Design For Kitchen

Interior Design For Kitchen

Keying paintwork
It is very simple to prepare a painted w; whether it is coated with a water or oil-ba; paint. All you need to do is to kev. roughen, the surface of the paint with so: coarse sandpaper. Wrap it around a sand: block and it will be easier to hold and u Keying allows the adhesive to penetrate : surface of the wall,ensuring the tiles stick the wall rather than the painted surface.
When you have finished sanding. a scraper to get rid of any flaking pa: and a damp cloth or sponge to remove a dust from the surface. Allow the wall to c thoroughly before moving to the next sta.
Removing wallpapers
You cannot tile over wallpaper as it is not sta: enough. It is necessary to remove all the lay of old wallcovering so that the tile adhes:
Preparation for wall tiling
Tools and equipment
• Sandpaper: a coarse grade, to key (roughen) walls.
• Silicon carbide paper: to rub down an existing tiled surface.
• Spirit level: to establish true horizontals and verticals.
• Try square: to indicate exact right angles.
• Chalk line: to mark a straight line over a long wall.
• Tiling gauge: to measure long runs of tiles.
• Length of batten: to support rows of tiles when they are first fixed to a wall.
• Felt-tip pen or chinagraph pencil: to mark the tiles.
• Tile scorer: most basic tool used for cutting tiles.
• Score-and-snap tool: to cut tiles. Easier and more accurate to use than a tile scorer.
• Score-and-snap pliers: to cut tiles.
• Pincers: to cut irregular shapes in tiles.
• Tile file: to smooth rough edges.
• Tile saw: to cut curves in tiles.
• Suitable tile adhesive: to fix tiles to wall. Various types are designed for different surfaces or purposes.
• Pointing trowel: to apply adhesive to walls.
• Notched spreader: to spread adhesive.
• Plastic spacers or matchsticks: to space tiles evenly.
• Suitable grout: to fill spaces between tiles and make surface waterproof.
• Wooden dowel: to smooth and shape surface of grout.
• Decorating sponge: to clean down tiles and remove excess grout.
• Cloth: to polish surface of tiles when tiling is complete.
• Silicone sealant and gun: to fill gaps between tiles and bathroom fittings, to create a waterproof seal.
Equipment to hire
• Electric disc cutter.
• Diamond-tipped cutters.

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