Interior Design For Living Rooms

Interior Design For Living Rooms

Applying the Paint

Any kind of brush, being of convenient size and having moderately stiff bristles, is suitable for applying the paint. The important thing is to see that the surface is completely covered, and the best assurance of this is thorough brushing, so as to avoid pinholes or missed parts.

Following Coats

When the priming is completely dry and hard, other coats may be applied. If an interval of, say, twenty-four hours can be allowed for this hardening, all the better.

On new or previously unpainted ironwork, a total of three coats is desirable. One of these, the “priming”, has just been described.

In the case of existing ironwork which has been previously painted, perhaps several times, all parts where the old paint has decayed, or which show the slightest sign of rust, should be prepared and coated with the red-lead priming, as described on post 128. If, however, the old paint film is in good condition and no sign of rust is anywhere visible, the red-lead priming can be omitted, and two coats of paint will be sufficient.

What these coats, or in the case of primed work, the second and third coats, of paint shall be made from will depend, to some extent, upon the choice of a finishing colour.

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