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A bove the sofa, a painting by the French artist, Mo, has an abstract geometry which, fortuitously, relates to the Indian dhurrie and the painted frieze. Behind the seventeenth-century refectory table, thought to be Scandinavian, is a Makemono’ scroll by Mird; above the elegantly simple side table are drawings by Picasso. The central medallion of the rug incorporates the coat-of-arms of the maharaja for whom it was made. deciding on every detail, so that there would be no hold-ups while work was in progress.

Structurally, many alterations were made, including the removal of several walls. This was done to give a better plan and a larger sitting-room where the feeling of space has been maintained by simple but strong decoration. Against ivory-white walls, ornament and colour are provided by a geometric freize, painted by muralist, Philippe Lauro-Baranes, and by the magnificent dhurrie originally made for a maharaja’s palace. The Indian con- nection is also seen in the coffee-table made from an antique Indian door and in the nineteenth-century miniature marble temple which, like the rug, came from Michel Critze’s London shop, Vipasha. Two six-teenth-century Chinese stoneware jars from Henry Woods-Wilson, form impressive lamp bases.

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