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Lyn Rothman is not only perfectionist but highly organized, leaving nothing to chance. She is not an impulse decorator who relies on luck and last-minute inspiration but plans everything, down to the last hinge and door handle, in advance. As commuting weekly between London and New York proved impossible, she felt she needed someone to oversee the work, calling upon her old friend, the Israeli architect and restaurant designer, Adam Tihany, who shared her obsession with the minutiae of decoration. First, he and his then partner, Robert Couturier, visited Lyn Rothman’s flat in London. This was important because she wanted to recreate a similar style and atmosphere in New York. Then they got down to the nitty-gritty of working out the schedule and specification for the transatlantic project, 1-3 In the sitting-room, pictures are few but bold, their graphic style and strong colours making an important contribution to the overall scheme.

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