Interior design ideas for bathroom

Tiles forever

Tiles are one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your bathroom’s aesthetics hold their glory for years to come, and they also help make it an easy space to clean.

In the past, tiles were produced by hand and were only used to decorate public buildings and the homes of the elite. It’s only in the last couple of centuries that this simple, yet highly effective material has become available to the general public.

Today, tiles come in numerous price points, sizes, colours and designs, making the design possibilities endless and ensuring that there is something to virtually every conceivable taste and budget preference. Each year sees new trends and decor ideas taking hold – here is what’s making headlines in the tiling world at the moment:

Feature floor tiles

Introducing feature floor tiles to a bathroom is a great solution if you want the floor to be the focus of the bathroom design. When using a feature floor tile, it’s best to keep the rest of the room clean and simple, so that the space does not become too overwhelming. This is particularly important if the bathroom is small. Here are some options when choosing tiles for a feature floor:

Go geometric: Choose vibrant colours and geometric designs reminiscent of the ’70s to create a statement, or alternatively, opt for to the more subdued black and white geometrically shaped tiles of the ’20s if you’re going for a more classical appeal. Ethnic touch: Find tiles that reflect an exotic part of the old world – there are hundreds of regions to choose from: Spanish, Mexican, Moroccan, Turkish and so many more. These interesting and intricate patterns conjure images of faraway places resulting in a bohemian-inspired and exotic bathroom retreat.

Splash of colour: Use a monochromatic tile in a bright colour, such as post office red or lime green for example, in order to make the bathroom composition pop. This method is most effective when the rest of the space is decorated in crisp white or another light, neutral tone, and the bright tiles are used sparingly as accents or borders.

Quilt effect: Decide on a simple colour scheme, and choose different tiles within the chosen colour range for a mix-and-match patchwork effect. Black and white tiles are a good choice for this particular type of effect, as too many colours and patterns can look messy if not arranged correctly.

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