Interior design ideas for bedroom

Here’s how STEP 1 Thoroughly wash walls and ceilings with sugar soap. If paint is peeling, use a scraper to remove loose paint. Apply plaster finishing compound to smooth out the surface where loose paint has been removed. Let dry, then sand smooth. Interior design ideas for bedroom STEP 2 Even with the best washing, some stains may still remain and a regular undercoat may not prevent them bleeding through to final coats. You need to apply a specialised stain-, smoke- and odour-blocking primer to walls and ceilings. It locks in these stains and prevents them coming through your final coats. STEP 3 Apply your final coats. To make them look better for longer, use a paint specially designed for kitchens. They contain mould inhibitors and have a durable formula that can handle frequent cleaning. Tip 25 PAINTING KITCHEN CABINETS Dated laminate kitchen cupboards, still in good nick, are ripe for an easy makeover with paint. You can quickly and easily give even the oldest kitchen a fresh, new look. Gather your supplies Sugar soap Primer for glossy surfaces (try Dulux Precision Maximum Strength Adhesion Primer) Hard-wearing, water-based enamel paint in neutral colour (try Dulux Aquanamel in Vivid White)

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