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Developing countries

The number of people living per square kilometer, also known as population density, Interior design ideas curtains has increased at an almost constant rate since 1950, as demonstrated in this bar graph. In addition, the percentage of the population living in urban areas has also steadily increased. This rate of increase is similar in both developing and developed nations. This raises questions about healthy support and the provision of resources for large populations within the built environment.

Data source for percentage of population in urban areas:

United Nations, World Population Prospects 2004.

Innermost realms of society that it ceases to have any place in the lives of the inhabitants. Under those circumstances, designers would assume the extraordinary responsibility of creating self-contained environments upon which the entire survival of our species depends.

If in the future we have primarily interior space, its role in shaping society and culture expands in significance and importance, as will the role of its designer. This is one hypothesis that can provide impetus for rethinking design fundamentals. The generalist designer must be able to meet the unforeseen demands of tomorrow and, thus, must be better prepared, and better educated and trained with a broader knowledge base including research, experiential experimentation, and an understanding of phenomenology. The specialist designer is required to develop a much deeper knowledge and expertise relevant to his or her chosen expertise (product, industrial, fashion design, etc.). Just as earlier theories emphasized the need for building as a complete experience, looking to the future, life’s activities are not to be seen as segregated or compartmentalized, but are to be understood as pervasive networks and systems. This requires an interdisciplinary and interdependent approach that combines both the generic and the specialized. Design education must embrace the interconnectedness of art and science, incorporate social and foundational knowledge and recognize the essential role of collaboration and teamwork.

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