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Awesome awnings Whether it’s a retractable one or a fixed frame, an awning is a very clever way to enjoy your outdoor space. In summer it offers the benefit of shade, sometimes all you need is a simple market umbrella. Photo courtesy of Coolaroo. Interior design ideas dining room Folding-arm awnings offer great versatility. Photo courtesy of Acmeda. Outdoor blinds, such as this example from Helioscreen, cool and shade a space. however year round it provides the opportunity to extend your living area and be protected from the elements. The range of fabrics and colours is vast and you can match an awning to the exterior of your house or to your outdoor furniture. Reputable models are highly durable and can weather sun and rain without fading or cracking. Choose one that is made of UV-resistant material to ensure you are protected from the sun’s rays. For added flexibility, go for a retractable awning (either manual or automatic using a motor) so you can choose how much sun or shade you want. This is particularly handy in winter to allow plenty of sunshine into the house to warm it up. For the sophisticated motorised models and for larger shade sails that require support beams, you will need to get a contractor to install the product.

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