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Tips at a glance Make your home cleaner and tidier by clearing clutter. Throw out what you don’t want to move and store what you do. Don’t just limit yourself to the small stuff either -remove excess or oversized furniture to make rooms seem more spacious and inviting. Remove personal items from your home so it appeals to the widest possible audience. Get rid of family photographs, magnets and notes on the fridge, and any other personal decorations. Condense your clutter into small decorative vignettes and if there’s just too much stuff to handle, put items into boxes and store the lot off-site. Interior design ideas india Then dust, dust, dust before open day. Internal arches are an architectural feature that can rapidly turn off potential buyers. Not to mention exposed faux brick! Crisp, modern lines are the way to go – so square off arches, reclad walls and paint away. Full removing archway instructions Schedule inspections for when your property is at its best, such as when the natural lighting is at its brightest or when traffic is lightest if you live in a busy area.

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