Interior Design Ideas Kitchen

Interior Design Ideas Kitchen

Love It or Lose It

The second house I ever owned, many houses ago, had a large dining room that I painted tomato red. It was a bold move back then and the results were quite dramatic. The room was always bright and felt cheerful even on a gloomy day. Many years later I met the couple who were still living there and they told me it took ten coats of white to cover the red walls and even then, when the sun filled the room it had a pink cast. The moral: If you paint a room red, be sure what you really want is a strong dominant color. This is a hard mistake to cover up.

The Best Places for Red

Where is red most effective? Hallways look terrific in red. Most entryways are dark, and red is an excellent color for creating excitement in dark areas. Rather than just brightening as with a light color, red invites warmth and richness. Red also works well with many other colors. I’ve used it in my white rooms with dark hunter green.

Red is a wonderful color for a dining room. Food, people, and flowers look good in a red room. Red positively makes a room glow when there is candlelight or a fire in the fireplace. Red enhances all the elements in a library or den. posts, dark wooden furniture, tapestry, needlework, leather, and brass look good against red. Bright white is an excellent companion for your wood trim and doors. Red paint or wallpaper is elegant inside postcases or a china cabinet. Oriental rugs with red in them are a good choice for floor covering in a red room. Red is ravishing with bronze or gold leaf. Red upholstered fabric is wonderful with dark mahogany furniture.

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