Interior design ideas for kitchen

Maintain your home’s appeal. Hire a pressure washer to clean the exterior of your house and any paths or driveways. Mow your lawn regularly, and prune trees and shrubs to make them neat. Wash all your windows. Make minor repairs. Little things, like fixing a sticky door or a leaky tap, or updating old tapware, all add up to extra value in the minds of potential buyers. For more tips on preparing to sell your home, visit or call 1300 790 941 Interior design ideas for kitchen Dress your dining table with a collection of simple objects – a bowl of fruit, a vase of fresh garden cuttings and a table runner are all you need to make a setting look inviting. Turn small, awkward areas to your advantage by showing how they can be used – here, a mini living space with a couple of white cane chairs and a small table invites you to sit.

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