Interior Design Ideas Kitchens

Interior Design Ideas Kitchens

Papering doors

If you do not feel up to devising an all-over design yourself, you can cover a flush door with virtually any kind of paper and varnish over it. The door and paper both need to be clean and the type of adhesive used should be appropriate for the job.

To create a bright and jolly, even kitsch, look, inexpensive paper items such as the covers of fashion or interiors magazines and brightly coloured packaging of food products especially those from other parts of the world – can be used. The latter would be particularly appropriate in a kitchen.

For a more sophisticated look, you could use black and white or delicately coloured paper such as old sheet music, pages from out-of-date road atlases or maps, newspapers (which will yellow), old prints bought from a street market, photocopies of prints in a post or even old letters.


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