Interior Design Ideas Living Room

Interior Design Ideas Living Room

Calculating quantities of tiles
Working out the number of tiles you will need is quite a straightforward exercise. Assuming you are using square tiles, divide the width of the wall by the width of the tile. This will give you the number of tiles you will need for each row. Then, divide the height of the tile into the total height of the area. This tells you how many tiles will fit down the row. Now multiply the number of
Small mosaic tiles allow you to create surprisingly subtle and intricate patterns. They are also very good for creating startling geometric designs in bands of contrasting colour, as in this chic, modern bathroom tiles across by the number of tiles down to reach the total number of tiles required. To this figure add a further 5 to 10 per cent to allow for breakages. Buy all the tiles you are gping to need at the same time, as you would for wallpaper, as there can be slight variations in tone and finish between different batches.
If you are using unusual shapes or handmade tiles, or will be fixing them in an unusual way, you will need to make yourself a tiling gauge to allow you to estimate quantities accurately. Indeed, this is an invaluable tool whatever the kind of tile you are using.

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