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Ask potential agents their thoughts on a listing price. You obviously want the best result, but the price needs to be realistic and attractive to buyers. Research recent sales of similar homes in your area to assess whether an agent is going too high or low. For more info about finding the right agent, visit or call 1300 790 941 The kitchen can be a deal-breaker. Do those odd jobs like cleaning the oven, rangehood and dishwasher – it could be your deal-maker! Before every open house, sit heady blooms in vases. It’s the little things that may just win ‘em over. Coordinate your kitchen with matching decor and put the rest in the cupboard – or start packing for the move. Interior design ideas uk Here are more winning ideas – see how the BHG TV team made over this house for sale Give your home broad appeal by reducing focus on any big ‘n’ bold features (aka eyesores) that can dominate a room. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this fireplace (see before, right). Removing faux bricks may be problematic – so opt for a neat cover and paint job. Full fireplace makeover instructions buyer loves old carpet. Make the effort to rip it up where there might be beautiful timber floorboards hiding beneath. With the right equipment and following a few simple tips, you can transform the look and catch the eye of keen househunters.

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