Interior Design Living Room

Interior Design Living Room

Applying freehand designs

Use masking tape to fix your paper design on to the designated background to see if the colours and proportions look right. If they do, pencil your design on to the background very lightly – pencil marks will not show seriously through the paint. Or transfer the design with jeweller’s rouge carbon paper and then copy your design in paint, trying to make your strokes loose and fluent – using a generous-sized good quality artists’ paintbrush will help.

For small areas, painting in artists’ oils on an oil-based background gives you the greatest range of colour, and you can wipe off mistakes.

Humble medieval churches are often a good source for the kind of thing that will look good in a timberframed Tudor house. For example, you may find inscriptions or quotations painted in dusty dark grey and pinkish terracotta gouache, in an elaborate frame of painted leaves and scrolls. You can pinch the

Free and easy the joy of freehand painting is that it can be quite casual. These poplar trees have been wiped and smudged for a soft finish; the birds were

Faking a view If your house lacks a spectacular view, fake one. This snatch of the country enlivens a long corridor; it was pure invention, but you could copy a photograph.

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