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A couch positioned alongside a pair of winged armchairs makes the ground floor of Unit 27 a replica of your own living room. These furniture pieces are actually for sate’ all you have to do is request for a catalogue from the restaurant’s accommodating staff.

The restaurant’s entrance adorned by a bicycle captures the attention of usual customers and even random passersby. Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Cafe serves as a whole day place of comfort: brunch meals in the morning, coffee in the afternoon, and wine or heavy drinks in the evening.

Nothing beats traditional Filipino breakfast Unit 27’s bestselling Pinoy Steak & Egg (P370) comes with marinated strips of Angus steak tapa served with garlic rice, freestyle eggs, and tomatoes.

nome is where you create memories, and this ‘ is exactly what Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Cafe Irwants the customers to experience. Dine with family and friends, and bring home memories of sharing good stories over sumptuous dishes.

Another dish to jumpstart your day is the Jack Daniel’s Aussie Bacon & Egg (P495), which is double-smoked thick-cut streaky bacon glazed with barbecue Jack Daniel sauce.

It comes with wild rice, side salad, and egg served sunny side up.

Filipino artist Cheryl Hironaka. Oversized, ultra tall, extra thin, out of the ordinary, and exaggeratedthey can never be too straight or square.

Indeed. Looking at her work, it is clear that what appeals most to this designer isn’t practicality or universality, but the search for something new and imaginative. Her pieces reveal constant inventiveness: vases inspired by corals and chairs in the shape of insects. Cheryl admits that nature is her source of inspiration besides art, film, and architecture.

She shares that she has recently fallen in love with Cambodia’s Spung trees, and she feels inspired to recreate their movements with metal, clay, and paint.

What feels very important to me is that my designs add to the comfort of happiness, says Cheryl. I also want my designs to feel animated, like clouds or the waves of the sea, or like a whimsical living creature.

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