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Out on the covered porch, Dad reads the paper and fields questions from passersby, telling of the structure’s past and of Julie and Marc’s act of salvation. Endless games of Go Fish commence in the great room. My mom, Mary, and I create a craft table that serves as a Interior design portfolio ideas center for messy Christmas ornament production. Mom soon abandons sticky-fmgers detail to practice her violin in the tower room. But 2-year-old Mary MacLeod Kelly misses her and climbs the stairs to beg, Play Twinkle, Twinkle,’ Grammie. Finally, we gather in the dining room and enjoy the fruits of Julie’s labor. Afterward, bundled against the wind, we walk along the shore. Marc and his 9-year-old son, Campbell, skip stones on the flat inlet, while daughters Blair and Annie pick their way along the rocks. On days like this, I feel it’s too good to be true, says Julie, pulling her jacket closer as we watch the children clamber over the rocks, joined by our mother. I hope we’re doing this 20 years from now with our grandchildren. ‘®’ Tl he great room, with its river-stone fireplace and oversize furniture, has French doors that open to views of the sea, Julie and Marc chose fabrics in a palette of rose and navy to complement the restored fir paneling from the original station. Nautical stars on club chairs, crossed oars, and an old lifesaving ring recall the home’s heritage.

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