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You need at least two days to see the entirety of what Bratislava offers vantage point, probably to give the emperor’s men a clear view of the land and any approach by enemies. Inhabited since the stone age, it’s first written record was in 907AD. Admission costs 7euros but was free on the day I visited as it was the first Sunday of the month – this is the case with all historical sites in Bratislavia.

For 2 euros, you will get a writst band that allows you to take photos in all the different rooms. Without a wrist band, you will be fined for illegal photography. The interior held an amazing collection of art work in the numerous rooms which have amazing artwork on their ceilings. The ancient architecture is amazing and gave me an insight into the past – I was able to imagine the grande life that the monarchs lived.

In the castle’s historical museum, lies a replica of the crown that St. Stephens was crowned with when he became King Hungary on December in the year 1000AD. The original crown wasn’t saved and what is on show is two parts of a different original put together. The original walls and paths leading underground and up to the tower are well looked after and they have maintained their a medieval look. Steep stairs lead me to the top of the castle for a breathtaking view of the Danube River, its bridges and the entire city. The castle has been undergoing reconstruction since 2005. The museum holds old Slovakian cutlery and other items that monarchs used.

After the tour I headed back to the old town. We found a stage being set up for a jazz concert in the square. With the sound checks and practice taking place, I decided to drink a cup of hot chocolate at the Shokocafe Maximillian Deukalesso, an outdoor cafe. The young waitress spoke no German or English but assured me she knew what I wanted. Instead of hot chocolate, she brought me melted dark chocolate with almonds!

You need at least two days to see what The writer at the grande stairs in Bratislava castle; Bronze Napoleaon soldier statue one of the four famous ones in the city

Bratislava has to offer including its cuisine which is greatly influenced by that of neighbouring countries.

During summer, the pubs, concerts, shopping centres and bars in summer garden terraces ,make the place livelier. There is a big fresh fruit, vegetable and Chinese clothes market. The beautiful flower gardens, lakes and mountains are a must see also. Take advantage of bikes on hire and get one for the day. It will save your feet as you savour this beautiful city,

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