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Palace in a back street its spectacular architecture catches my eye. Most buildings have carved statues of fighting figures engaged in some sort of revolution.

Round the corner is the town square souvenir market, with lots of outdoor restaurants. Lots of quirky statues and figures are placed around the place. They livened my tour and gave the place a very ‘human’ feel., They depicted Napoleons soldiers, but the most famous was a figure crawling out of a sewer – it has lost its head three times to distracted drivers!

The famous St Martins Cathedral with its spectacular gothic interior is a short walk from the market. A guard stands at the door to stop anyone who is ‘indecently’ dressed in shorts or short sleeves from entering the church. This is the reason why most tourists during summer, don’t get a chance to go in. Being the largest church, it served as a coronation site for Hungarian monarchs. Further up to the right is the UFO Bridge which transverses the Danube River as it flows to Austria and Hungary.

Bars and restaurants where one can shop or relax after a long walk, are numerous on both sides of the river. The highest restaurant in Bratislavia is located on the pillar of the new bridge. It is also a great place to dine in. I walked over the bridge to a spectacular view of tourist boats giving river tours, to Bratislava Palace on the other side. Up a small, inclined cobbled street, we walked to the palace, which stands at a high

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