Interior Designer Ideas For Living Rooms

Interior Designer Ideas For Living Rooms

Straining the Paint

For this purpose a metal strainer is best, and this should have a fairly fine mesh. What is called “50 mesh” is suitable for general purposes.

The strainer is placed on a second vessel and the mixed paint is poured in, a portion at a time, and pushed through by a sort of dabbing motion with an old paint brush.

When the straining is completed, the strainer is cleaned out with turpentine or white spirit, particular care being taken to see that the mesh is quite free from paint and is wiped dry with a rag. Otherwise the fine mesh may become blocked with dry paint, which makes it quite useless for future use.

It may be mentioned here that, in the absence of a metal strainer, a piece of muslin tied with string over the top of a jar or other vessel makes a satisfactory substitute, especially for small quantities of paint.

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