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Fans cheer for their team: Shibisoo laga badiyay weligeed lama sheegin. Neighborhood Girls Basketball Tournament. Mogadishu, Somalia; Showcasing Coral at Jazeera beach; The old lighthouse at Secondo Lido

Artists like himself have been one of the key driving forces to social change and tolerance within Somalia, Most Somali poets, singers, musicians; painters and so on see themselves above the clan divisions. Though Mogadishu may be far from where the residents want it to be as a city, it certainly is on its way to restoring its beauty and charm.


Ask a security professional (like your Head of Security Operations) where you work about tips to keep yourself safe, as well as your local airline’s help desk.

African Express airlines ply Nairobi- Mogadishu route or check online for other chartered flights that ply the same route.

Dress appropriately as the community is highly conservative.

Inquire about currency rates so as to have the correct currency.

There are several hotels in Mogadishu that offer accommodation. Kindly check with their Consulate before travelling for visa information and they will also advise on which hotels are safe to stay in.

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