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Just a week after Marc spotted it, the Johnsons owned it, along with four outbuildings on the property. At closing, the previous owner presented them with a pile of books, postcards, and photos related to Fletcher’s Neck. That memorabilia helped guide their vision as they transformed the station into a vacation home. Their first challenge was to gain the trust and support of the community, which had come to view the station as a blight. Neighbors heard that the building might be turned into a rooming house. Interior designers websites But the Johnsons squelched that rumor when they commissioned architect Thom Rousselle, who lives nearby, to design plans for the restoration. It was important for us to retain the history of the building and its sense of place, Julie says. We kept the exterior close to the original. That included the roof’s original shingle style replacing the bright red shingles that went up in the 1940s with more staid cedar shakes.

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