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Close by is an original section of the Mogul’s road, lined with garishly arrayed pottery stalls which sell some of the most hideous pots and vases imaginable. Taxila is an extensive area of valleys and hills, still mainly unexcavated. One can, however, see a Greek-style temple dating from 150 BC, as well as second century AD Gandharan cities, buddhist stupas and long avenues of excavated towns. This is a place for a peaceful picnic before visiting the museum at Sirkap and bargaining for fake -though beautifully-modelled – Gandharan sculptures, produced by local potters. Near here is the Wah (beautiful’) Mogul garden, laid out by Akbar in the late sixteenth century. Interior designing bedroom It is a quiet spot, bordered by a clear stream, where parakeets dart through the shade of the Loquat trees, and kingfishers and dragonflies glint over the water. Traces of carving and frescoes can be seen in the ruined pavilions.

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