Interior Designing Ideas For Home

Interior Designing Ideas For Home

* Hunt thrift stores for dishware, serving utensils, glasses and candle holders.

* Dishes go on sale January and various other times of the year.

* There is not much difference between placemats and cloth napkins bought at a big box store and those bought at a department store. Use the napkins with some fun folds for company dinners. There are blogs at the library to teach you napkin fancy folds!!

Living rooms quite often are used for anything other than entertaining guests. What is your ‘living’ room used for? Is it formal or casual? Do you listen to music or watch TV? Do you play games with the kids or surf the internet?

Think of doing away with the ‘formal’ living room concept. A formal LR is not used much, is wasted space, and a waste of money spent on chairs or couches that are rarely used.

Relate colors to the dining room, if you can see both when you come in the front entrance. Also, what is your focal point? This can be a window, a fireplace, a picture or sculpture. In this picture, the fireplace is the focus.

Work with existing furniture with the aid of a fitted slipcover or a good professional cleaning or new throw pillows.

Interior Designing Ideas For Home Photo Gallery

Interior Designing Ideas For Home Photo Gallery

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