Interior Designs Themes And Styles

Interior Designs Themes And Styles

SO Seeing Red!

There are two times in the year, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, when red becomes the dominant color displayed in shop windows and magazines. For such an uplifting color, it’s highly undervalued as a base around which to build your decorating scheme.

The Pros and Cons of Red

My usual advice is, when in doubt paint it white. However, lately I’ve uncovered some smashing rooms done in shades of red. Here’s what one of my favorite decorating gurus, Mark Hampton, said about red: “Everyone loves red. It is the happiest of colors. Red is a symbol of easy playfulness and it broadcasts vigor.”

There are however, many prejudices voiced against red rooms in a home, including:

1. It only belongs in a child’s room.

2. It belongs in public places, such as the carpet in a hotel or lounge of an airport.

3. It’s too priestly or Victorian.

4. It’s reminiscent of old-time saloons with crimson flocked wallpaper.

5. It’s too regal, as in red velvet capes.

Prejudices aside, red offers marvelous possibilities and is becoming more and more popular.

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