Interior Home Decorating Ideas

Interior Home Decorating Ideas

Which category do you think you fall in? Lifestyles:

Your lifestyle has a lot to do with your decorating, and even your decorating budget.

Urban Dweller is a city slicker. I think “upscale” and intense with this lifestyle. If you’re a city dweller, you will probably want to allocate more of your budget to decorating, depending on whether you entertain a lot or not.

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Suburb Living is much more casual and relaxed than the urban dweller. Lots of suburbanites don’t even have a dining room, just a great-room or family room. Quite a few suburb dwellers are parents with families and more of their budget would be allocated to family items like vacations, trips, pets, children, etc..

Retired people, either urban or suburban, will probably have a tiny decorating budget if Social Security is their main source of income, or a large decorating budget if they have more than enough pension income. Many retirees take on huge decorating jobs when the kids leave home and also when they are no longer working and have more time for do-it-yourself projects.

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