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Element of artistry Add the designer touch to your outdoor dining with these colourful handcrafted tables trade show in Germany last year was a revelation for the Royalle Outdoor Furniture design team. Before them was one of the most exciting product ranges they had seen in the last 30 years: Lava tables. Designed and made in Deruta, Italy, by Italian ceramic masters Domiziani, these colourful tables are not only stunning works of art, each one is unqiue and incredibly durable. Each tabletop is a hand-painted 20mm-thick slab of basalt cut from lava flows. Interior lighting design ideas Basalt has been used for centuries in construction because it is exceptionally strong and resilient to the most punishing weather conditions, making it a superb base material to use for outdoor furniture. Once cut to size the slabs are painted and twice baked at 1000 degrees Celsius. The result is breathtaking, vividly coloured designs that are able to withstand extreme cold and heat, constant direct sunlight and the salt-laden winds typical of coastal locations. Each tabletop also offers excellent impact resistance and will not stain or warp when it comes into contact with a heat source such as hot cookware.

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