Interior Room Design Ideas

Interior Room Design Ideas

Small Wooden Pieces.

End tables, coffee tables, occasional tables, and chairs are pieces of furniture you can often find in secondhand stores, flea markets, yard sales, and auctions. If the lines are good and things are in good working orderin other words, drawers slide easily in and outbut the finish isn’t perfect, you can always make it over.

Paint is the easiest way to clean up a good but “seen better days” piece of furniture, but throughout the post you’ll learn how to do all sorts of faux finishing techniques to make something really special.

Carpets and Rugs.

There are many floor coverings in every price range. When you decide what kind of carpet or rug is best for your room, educate yourself before making a final purchase. Several trips to a good floor covering shop will help you do this.

The Oriental Alternative.

If you love Oriental rugs, for example, but can’t afford the real thing, check out the reproductions. Once they’re on your floors it really is hard to tell the real from the copy.

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I often buy rugs at auction for a fraction of what they would cost from a rug dealer.

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