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Those in the region of Delhi and Agra are comparatively well known, but Pakistan, especially Lahore, has an abundance of beautiful Mogul buildings, unspoilt by the pressure of tourists. Indeed, Pakistan is still little visited, even though it has good, international-standard hotels in the main towns and prices are generally more favourable than in India. The main problem for the would-be tourist is the shortage of useful information, guides and organized tours. A few days in Islamabad and Lahore make a good introduction to the Mogul monument trail, and can easily be linked with flights from Lahore to Delhi. British Airways flies twice a week from Gatwick to Islamabad; a journey which takes just over eight hours. Islamabad, the modern garden capital, neighbours Rawalpindi and is a restful place at two thousand feet. Interiors designers There are delightful rose and sweetsmelling jasmine gardens, and jacaranda groves and woods lead down to Lake Rawal, where lovely evening walks along the dam make a fine end to the day.

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