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Rachel Romaniuk, Marketing Coordinator, Says, “We Have An In-House Marketing Department And Regional Sales Team That Work With Our Dealers On Their Regency Marketing Through Targeted Digital-Marketing Campaigns That Also Combine Traditional Direct-Mail And Flier Programs. Our Sales And Marketing Teams Support Efforts To Create Regency Sales Events To Generate Leads And Sales For Regency Dealers.”

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The Digital Focus Appeals To Younger Buyers, As Do The Company’S Modern, Linear Fireplace Offerings. Romaniuk Points Out That The Renovation Market Has Created A Strong Demand For Fireplace Inserts, With Healthy Sales For Traditional Log Sets And Contemporary Models.

“Homeowners Want To Retrofit Dieir Old Fireplaces With Efficient Inserts Diat Work With The Spaces Diey Are Updating,” She Explains. “This Takes Into Account Die Style Of Room, The Size Of The Hearth Opening, And Whether They Want To Work With The Existing Surround Finishes. This Year, We Have Die Newest Addition To Die Already-Popular Lri And Hri Series Of Gas Inserts.

Joanna Gaines Home Design

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