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When the corporate world gave Karrie Kaneda the cold shoulder, she decided to launch a textiles business that today brings warmth, coziness and happiness to homes worldwide. The colorful, graphic throws in the Happy Habitat line are rooted in tradition, but Kaneda, a Fine-Arts-major-turned-entrepreneur, adds her own spin on pattern and color. She says inspiration comes from many sources it might be an architectural element spotted in southern Spain, or something as simple as a Sharpie®marker. What comes first, color or pattern?
“Sometimes color comes first, sometimes pattern comes first. Sometimes I’ll see a color combination that’s perfect for an already existing pattern, but sometimes I’ll make a design based on the feel of colors together. I’m getting ready to do something leafy and tropical, which is based on some funky greens that I want to see side by side. I keep a running list of color combination ideas on my iPhone!
A pattern is final when the scale is right and the color balanced. Scale is tricky. As much as I like to think of the throw as a 50-inch-by-60-inch canvas, it’s not. It has to look right thrown over a sofa or an armchair rarely will you ever see the throw spread out.
[In terms of design influences], no culture escapes my interest! My husband’s family is Japanese, so Japanese patterns are an obvious choice. But I secretly believe I was Hispanic in a previous life. Patterns that have been around for thousands of years, too, like the ones from Turkey, Uzbekistan and Native America. Plus, Moorish patterns really speak to me, specifically the Arabic patterns found all over southern Spain. I love their complex geometry and the endless possibilities for color placement.
Happy Habitat founder Karrie Kaneda delivers pops of color and pattern to interiors. Go ahead, smile!
Like all her throws, Kaneda’s Adana is made in the United States from 80 percent recycled cotton and 20 percent acrylic. It’s pictured here in the Fuchsia/ Gold/Black colorway.
Kenichi, which is Japanese for healthy first-born son, is Kaneda’s son’s middle name. He helped Kaneda pick the colors for his namesake throw: Turquoise, Marine and Paprika.

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