Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors

Distressed woodgrained laminates


The existing kitchen was updated to include new floor tiles and additional cabinets to camouflage the rubbish chute. Keeping to the retro theme, distressed woodgrained laminates and black-and- white patterned tiles were also used on the cabinet doors and backsplash.

HOBBY ROOM This room features a large wall laid over with ventilation tiles. Adding to the man cave vibe is an eye-catching industrial- esque chandelier and a collection of 80s-inspired furnishings and accessories sourced from Amazon and local retailer 2by2 Store.

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LIGHT WORK (opposite page) Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Also near the dining area is a display of electrical trunking connecting a series of industrial lighting and a pedestrian crossing light. This was installed to recreate an art gallery ambience to highlight the vintage Star Wars posters and paraphernalia on display.

used in the hobby room, a marble-topped coffeeshop dining set, mid-century style seating and Peranakan- inspired tiles used to section off areas in the space. These charming old-school furnishings are offset by a slight industrial vibe that ties into the homeowner’s appreciation for 80s sci-fi movies. These include exposed electrical trunking and a unique fretwork of exposed lighting that incorporates a pedestrian crossing light.
Kitchen Cabinet Doors

While the communal zones feature plenty of creative displays of the homeowner’s tastes, the utilitarian spaces of the home received more functional updates. The kitchen, for one, was revamped to include new floor tiles and cabinets. Interior designer Eddie reveals that the bottom section of the kitchen cabinets was also extended to camouflage the rubbish chute. As a slight nod to the retro theme, distressed woodgrained laminates and black-and-white Peranakan-inspired tiles were applied to the cabinet doors and backsplash respectively.

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