I love decorating for Christmas in my real house so I guess it is only natural that I gave the same attention to Christmas to my doll’s house”any excuse to decorate! And as the country house was finished, decorating for Christmas was a good excuse to get back and play with it.

I’ve always loved country style decor especially at Christmas.

I went on a search for the perfect tree and was totally shocked at the price of realistic looking doll’s house Christmas trees. There aren’t many places here in New Zealand to look for miniatures, but I found a model shop that had trees for miniature railways and there was a tree just the size and look I was after. The pot that I put the tree in came from an op shop.

I imagined a country Christmas tree would be trimmed with dried fruit and handmade-looking decorations. A friend who makes mini food sent me the orange and lemon slices and I stuck them to a string of vintage looking tiny glass

BELOW LEFT: Books on many topics give insight to who the residents are.

BELOW: Small touches like the pink roses and mini Santa sitting on top of a craft book make this little house feel like home.

ABOVE: Lemon and lime slices, and musical stars adorn this sweet little tree. A small rusty star with a country feel makes the perfect tree topper.

LEFT AND BELOW: Presents and decorations lay strewn across the floor as the house is prepared for the holidays beads to wind around the tree. Nothing says country style more than an old birdhouse in my book, so I made a tiny church-shaped birdhouse to adorn the tree then painted a rusty star for the top.


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