Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen Decorating Ideas


Then paste the length, working always outward from the centre to the edges so as to avoid getting any paste under those edges and on to the face of the paper. In pasting the back edge, insert the first finger of the left hand under the paper, lifting it slightly off the table just ahead of the brush. By so doing, the underlying length will be kept free from paste.

When all that portion of the length which is on the table is pasted, fold it in on itself, making sure that the upper fold is exactly over the lower.

Then draw this pasted and folded portion to the right, which will bring the remainder of the length on to the table. Now paste and fold this in exactly the same way. The two ends should then just about meet.

It will facilitate clean working if about an inch at each end is left unpasted. This will not matter, because these ends will be cut off later in the final trimming on the wall.

All the time, a clean damp cloth should be available. With Hold a straight-edge against the corner and pull the paper away. The narrow strip will tear away quite easily and straight this the worker should keep his hands, his scissors and the edge of the table scrupulously clean.

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