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Tired of how your kitchen looks? It’s where we spend a lot of our time, so revamping a kitchen is one of the most satisfying home projects, but it also can be overwhelming – where do you begin? To help you, we’ve picked out top ideas to transform the space, from clever budget-friendly tricks to bigger decor makeovers. And you won’t need to get the sledge hammer at the ready…


Large kitchens with plenty of drawers and cupboards can easily start to look like a mass of handles. Push-open doors allow you to dispense with handles, but if you prefer a handle of some sort, try doors and drawers with recessed J-pull channels at the top or side, or simply change old, bulky handles for smaller, sleek ones.

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In a contemporary kitchen, modern high-gloss cabinetry can feel a bit clinical, so simply add in a few timber touches or a colourful splashback to add texture and warmth. Also try combining old and new pieces in an industrial-style kitchen – mid-century furniture in the dining area will help soften the look without making it feel too traditional.


Turn up the luxe factor with copper- and gold-toned accessories, which can work every bit as well in the kitchen as in the rest of the home. Choose lacquered brass hardware, such as handles and knobs, and storage pots. Some of the latest kitchen mixers are also available in gold and brass options.


Yes, it’s important to be able to see what you’re doing in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean lighting has to be boring. Add lights around the plinth of an island to make it lighting with strips of LEDs below units or shelving. Pendant lighting is still on trend and creates visual impact – hang in threes above the dining area.


As much as the kitchen is the heart of the home, it can also become a dumping ground. Not anymore – it’s easier than ever to have a clean and streamlined kitchen. Larger, bulky appliances can now be integrated – hide a fridge behind a cupboard door or an induction hood beneath cabinetry. Make the storage smarter too, such as deep drawers for pots and pans or a pull-out pantry cupboard. You don’t have to do a Convert a cabinet to a drawer with utensil holders, or utilise the back of a door with hangers and hooks. Easy!


While it’s tempting to use open shelving to cram as much as room look messy. Select just a few items to display that not only personalise the space, but have a function too. Think pretty glassware or food items in beautiful packaging that are easily in reach. When in doubt, use a set of canisters, which can hold and disguise anything, from sugar to keys.


Like a neutral kitchen but don’t want it to be dull? Use splashes of colour to add muchneeded interest. This can be anything as bold as a bright red dresser or set of yellow chairs, to smaller in scale like pastel-coloured crockery on display. Appliances count too – a coloured stove, fridge or even a kettle can really make a stylish statement.

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