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How did the contractor handle setbacks and glitches?

Was the contractor flexible with unforeseen changes?

What was the building team like? Did they clean up after work each day?

Was there anything that could have been handled differently?

Check the contract

Once you’ve appointed a contractor, examine the contract carefully before signing. If possible, get someone with legal knowledge to look over it for you. Make sure that the document includes the following:

Site plan

Plan of the new bathroom layout.

Payment schedule with a firm overall price.

A detailed work schedule showing when each task will be completed.

Make sure that electrical work is included in the budget.

Ensure that the cleanup and removal of rubble is included in the overall fee to avoid unpleasant disputes arising once the job has been completed.

A dispute resolution clause.

Warranty for fixtures and workmanship

A waver of lien preventing subcontractors and suppliers from taking possession of your property should any invoices go unpaid.

Remember to take your time on the design of your new bathroom, and to make sure that you’re 100% happy with the layout before work commences. Making changes to the plan once work has begun can be costly and can result in lengthy delays.

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