Kitchen Decorating Ornaments

Kitchen Decorating Ornaments

How to Do It
For small projects that require quick crafting, Plaid Enterprises makes a product called “crackle paint” and it’s available in most craft stores. However, to make the real thing, especially if you’re planning to paint furniture, the process involves applying two interacting varnishes over each other. Ready-made crackle lacquer is sold in art stores as a pack of two varnishes and you will also need transparent oil glaze, raw umber oil paint (comes in small tubes), and cheesecloth. Here’s how it’s done:
1. Start with a painted piece in a color of your choice. It can be painted with any base such as latex or oil enamel. The piece should be cleaned of dirt by first sanding lightly.
2. Apply the oil-based varnish in a smooth, thin layer. Let the varnish dry until slightly tacky.
3. Brush on a coat of water-based varnish, covering the entire surface completely. Leave to dry for about an hour. Cracks will appear.
4. To accentuate the cracks and give the piece an antiqued look, mix a small amount of raw umber with a tablespoonful of transparent oil glaze. Use the cloth to rub the mixture all over the surface.
5. Rub away the excess without removing it from the cracks.
Leave this to dry for several days. You can then apply a coat of oil-based varnish if you want or simply wipe it all over with a damp sponge, leaving traces of color in the cracks.
6. If you want to use a specific color you can either paint the background in that color or use the color rather than raw umber to give the cracks a brighter look so Warm Fuzzies: Using the Things You Love

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