Kitchen Design Ideas Black Cabinets

Kitchen Design Ideas Black Cabinets
Atlanta Georgia a southern city big on charm but there’s nothing charming about Steve fantasies lackluster kitchen oh my gosh shocking bloom paints that’s why his wife Kristi is surprising him are you for real with a brand-new space where he can really turn up the heat you got some fire damage up there with major obstacles. And dangerous discoveries at every turn you see our Raptors are. So scorched here stress really sets in this guy’s got a lollygagging but with my eye for design this is your bachelor Wow. And kitchen master mine chef Eric Greenspan help well she got a temperature-controlled box at the bottom we are lighting a fire under our team how did this happen to face this kitchen, we’re in Atlanta Georgia at the home of Christy. And Steve fantasy now Christina’s nominated her husband Steve. Because he cooks in a kitchen that is not functional not pretty. And honestly a disgrace, I know Steve’s already left for better right Bob Hope is back it up got a lot of demo to do today, I nominated Steve. Because he loves to cook. And really truly hates this kitchen oh my gosh shocking blue paints just to know that, we’re actually getting a new one it’s just gonna it’s gonna be amazing, I can’t wait. So tell me a story about the blue paint like how did this blue paint happen. So basically about a year ago we had a fire here in the kitchen right above the light fixture there a wire overheated set fire to the Attic. So basically during the repair time, I decided to leave town.

So, I ended up picking the wall color online oh. And then this is what happened. So yeah one of the things that Steve really hates the most about this kitchen is this countertop the stuff the food gets caught in the groove that’s good, I just had this clean like two days ago the drawers are sticky. And don’t really stay on their runners you’ve got no counters right exactly that is a Steve’s other chief complaint is that you know he wants to really be able to do a lot of prep. And you know go to. And fro while he’s cooking. And there’s no place to put it there’s no prep room the biggest thing, I see about this kitchen is that you’re only using about half of the space as your kitchen this is a completely unutilized space right right, I mean we spent a lot of time at IKEA to really expand this space. So we’ll open up this whole wall to the reading room make it more functional for Steve my buddies look at the oven that matches mm-hmm. And here were to that grout problem. I’m all for it cuz that’s. So you know, I hate bread awesome hey Nicole. I’m gonna tear apart this well. I’m not she is right we have a bigger suit like a sledgehammer or something. So we can do you can handle it right, I think. So about this nice perfect hit yeah, I can’t believe that Steve’s gonna be home in a few hours, I mean hopefully, we’re gonna be done with this by then Brad if we get this done of times where Steve gets here, I think it’s probably best for you to bring him the guns. I’m looking at Christie she is going work on that kitchen she is knocking it down like nobody’s business. And we are, we’re making some headway whoa we have a demolished kitchen yeah it doesn’t look like my kitchen at all thank God well yeah. So what we have created is a kitchen that now encompasses the entire room. So along the back wall where you’re dining that used to be that’s where, we’re gonna put the refrigerator. And it gets the wall to it’s right where the entrance used to be is where, we’re putting our stove our oven microwave. And a vegetable since you have a lovely view outside of your window we decided to keep your sink by the window where your cooktop used to be, we’re now going to open up this wall. And then you’re also going to have a peninsula with counter seating on the back side gosh this sounds.

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So good, I can’t wait I’m. So excited it just seems to be here in a matter of moments. So. I’m gonna get Fred the guys in here. And they’re gonna take this wall down I’m. So excited for Steve to get home. And see what we’ve done. So far he’s gonna totally flip out when he sees the condition that the kitchen is in at this point but it’s gonna be amazing, I can’t wait welcome Pierre kitchen are you for real oh my god, I walked in. And I was flabbergasted, I could not believe it how are you you have no idea how much we have wanted into kitchen oh wait, I liked it better actually yeah in the five days that, we’re gonna be working on this kitchen you are going to be resting in hotel. And within that five days we are giving you a completely new gourmet kitchen from Ikea Wow oh my god that’s crew but we do need your help with one thing but name it this wall needs to go this kitchen is. So frustrating to cook in it’s frustrating to be in like it’s gonna be awesome just go what’s up well it looks like that you’ve got some fire damage up here oh man that’ll be interesting we knew there’d been a fire at Stephen Christie’s. And that was one of the issues that we had known about we were coming into this and. So unfortunately now, we’re finding fire damage right where we need there not to be fire damaged you’ve got potentially weakened beams that are running through there. And holding up your ceiling in your roof oh wait wait this is a load-bearing wall right right even if we do do a header there we still have issues. Because of the supports are weak exactly this isn’t good my guys are gonna be up all night trying to correct the damage this fires done how serious is this this is not a good thing at all and, we’re in for a long haul we have to replace all those supports it’s not looking good at all coming up you see our rafters are. So scorched here. So how far back is this gonna put us at least have been this might be one of our most challenges yet. Because every turn we take we got new problems you morning good morning are you doing Nick yeah well how are you whoo that’s doesn’t look good, I can tell you right now now we’ve got a reframing oh right my business partner is running on behind this morning. Because we work till : last night. And dealing with some structural issues we tore the rest of some plaster off the walls on a lot more fire issues on the exterior wall well is this from the fires this just dry rot that is from the fire you see our Raptors are. So scorched here oh my gosh not only do we have the fire damage that we realized last night but we have more fire damage on the other side of the room around the window you have to put a whole new header in here. And your supports too you have to replace both of these right that’s correct.

So how far back is this gonna put us at least have been you kidding me no not. So good yeah it looks rough oh is that all fire damage mm-hmm this might be one of our most challenging cuz yet. Because every turn we take we get new problems alright we got a bunch of stuff coming today did the kitchen here, we’re gonna go work on that you guys take care of this. And we’ll let you do your thing okay well at least we got one good thing going for it what do we got it’s your fridge a cup of great things about it this fast cool function. So if you just went shopping. And loaded up the refrigerator with all sorts of stuff close the door it’s gonna be a lot hotter not the ideal temperature for a refrigerator you puts the fast cool button it cools it down faster. So that everything stays at the right temperature your vegetables will stay fresher longer, I really got to show you this you’ve also got a temperature control box on the bottom where you can store your meats a little bit of a lower temperature. Because when you do when the frigerators fill it goes up. And down the temperatures will fluctuate but you want to keep your meat temperature on a real steady temperature for foodborne illnesses. And stuff like that that’s great. I’m excited yeah hey Christy come here, I want to show you some Finnish okay. So this is the door style whoo oh that’s. So pretty like it yes oh yeah yeah yeah definitely this door has a traditional feel to it. So what, we’re gonna do is infuse a little bit more modern elements into the kitchen, we’re going to use a quartz countertop in this color. And then this is it looks like it’s gonna be. So much easier to keep clean absolutely you won’t have any grout lines excellent this is a smooth surface. And also. Because of the color you’re not gonna notice the dirt in the paw prints as much. And then this is your backsplash Wow the goal is now is to get it into the kitchen. Because this morning when, I came in they actually found more fire damage on your walls. So now, we’re behind and. I’m just hoping that we can get all this done in time. So it’s gonna be a big question okay all right blows it up too well it doesn’t look too different than a business warning however most of the stuff that’s gone on today has been under in the basement or up in the attic unfortunately we’ve had to deal with all these fire damage issues this only reconfirmed why, I work here thank goodness. Because we can see all this. And fix it now man it is not good for our schedule here with some tools put us to work let us help you hopefully catch it, I could use the help a chef at the restaurant.

I’ll make sure things are going smooth but when the kids that starts to go down you gotta roll up your sleeves jump in there hit the stoves this is a jump in there. And hit the stove kind of moment how you doing Christie how are you they’ve done a lot of work we’ve got a lot of the cabinet’s installed but we still have a few more to blame. Because our countertop template is being done today. And we need to get those in before he comes, I don’t know what. I’m doing. But I mean that’s fine. I’ll teach you all right come to my work there you go all right sit down we want to make sure that this is leveled. So we use a nice big level okay this end weeks to come down a little bit. So all you have to do is just turn the leg okay keep going keep going okay right there okay. So we got this one down. And then our dishwasher will go right here. And then you’re gonna have counter space all the way that’s wrapped over the dishwasher cool right yeah all right. So let’s finish up getting this screwed in, I go ahead alright just in time guys Oh fantastic you want to start on this end oh wow. So. I’m walking into the kitchen area. And I see the countertop for the first time where they’re gonna lay it out. And the breakfast bar is amazing what’s going on just checking it out this is guys have made a lot of progress yeah but then as. I’m staying there kind of looking around. I’m realizing that as we’ve opened up the kitchen we’ve kind of taken away a lot of the living room it’s amazing, I guess what. I’m starting to worry about a little bit. I’m just sort of thinking about what Steve will think obviously this cuts into the living room round which, I I do love in theory but. I’m kind of worried about what that means for the rest of the stuff that we have as a designer, I love to hear someone say love it it’s great it’s beautiful the one word, I don’t like but it’s like nails on a chalkboard the piano over here um it’s my childhood piano that my mom gave me is wedding present. And obviously it used to be against that wall. And that’s not there anymore which, I love again in theory but where does this go now for Steve the heart of this home is the kitchen. And that’s wonderful. And I want to create a great place for him but for me it’s the rest of the house and.

So, I am just a little concerned about how the rest of that’s gonna look when this is done she sort of feels like we’ve lost the living room in this coming up, I get where she’s coming from, I don’t want to lose it in the design the countertops nobody knows where they are we don’t know when they’re coming. And this guy’s got a lollygag like this oh my god your home is now value you obviously this cuts into the living room right which, I I do love in theory, I get where she’s coming from. And it’s something that as a designer, I have to really be considerate of just sort of feels like we’ve lost the living room in this project Hey yes one thing that, I make sure of when planning out a room. And joining spaces like we’ve done is really making sure what you have existing in here finds its place, I have thought of everything. And made sure that everything is taken care of this has a special place in my heart as it does in yours. So, I don’t want to lose it in the design. So it will stay in this room okay, I got one concern okay I’ve got an electric microwave I’ve got an electric oven I’ve got an electrical ventilation fan. And possible fire damage with all the electrical wires from before well with having an electrical fire in the past that’s obviously one of our biggest concerns, we’re gonna be working at as you can see we’ve pulled all new wire okay for all of our different electrical connections this has got its own circuit it’s got its own breaker. So that’s covered it’s covered you guys know what you’re doing hope. So picking up ahead of your way man have a good night great thank you hi hey guys wow it looks. So good already, I can’t believe it do you want to help me finish these last pieces yeah sure let’s go ahead. And find that huh it was refreshing to go in this morning. And for the first time have nobody saying anything about the fire damage, I just push down perfect right yeah the floors are going in the cabinets are going up Oh easy, I would go the warmer, I pick the paint color, I hear the counters are coming today. And I couldn’t be more excited how did this happen we do wrong, I am NOT happy right now the guys are measuring for the countertop. And the countertops gonna be too long. I’m not supposed to install today oh just such a venture of progress this is a huge setback. And we should be cruise control right now as opposed to backpedaling the order I’d called in was ninety three. And five-eighths.

And I need to change it to inches exactly, we’re a little bit frustrated, we’re tired we’ve got four hours of sleep this week. And I don’t even know what day it is tell me something good man tell me something good. But we’re hanging in there we’ll get the job done. So we caught him in time he’s gonna cut it too or advised dimension, I see guarantee no. So they’re gonna get here tomorrow morning yes this is just aa whoa Wow we don’t have countertops, we’re walking in with Christy expected a look at your new kitchen then it’s not even close to being ready chef what do you want to do cry we’ve done all we can to get this kitchen ready. And what are we waiting on the countertops nobody knows where, they are we don’t know when they’re coming, I just do back to the guys with all the work they put in to getting this thing done on time. And this guy’s got a lollygag like this it is. So late today. And we waiting forever it’s about time all you think, we’re getting up there right now okay close we are on a serious time yeah they’re stopping that food on the way yeah yeah yeah, I saw like, I saw like a piece of ketchup on the side of his mouth that’s my job, I know. I’ll let you guys finish up the countertops keys we have to meet Steve. And pick up some accessories, we’re gonna like here.

I’m gonna do some shopping with Steve hopefully these guys will push push push love something to work. And we’ll get back hey Steve how everybody not late am, I no no heaven forbid watch this stuff, I get some food food. So something we can actually cook excellent. So welcome to Swedish food one where’s this bread you were talking about Swedish rye bread water shake it up take it off yeah person baked bread, I got all sorts of Swedish grilled cheese goodies we also need to find Cour stools for the counter area that we’ve now expanded into the living room. I’m thinking the light works this absolutely onwards. And upwards all right we’ll see in a little while at the house okay Steve’s about to walk for the door any minute everybody worked. So hard in this kitchen. And we really rallied to finish everything today today’s been kind of touch-and-go but right now. I’m really excited, I just can’t wait to bring him here to see it. I’ll get it there we go oh my god that is awesome seriously dude oh my god that is incredible. So freakin tool you got taking this back are you know thank you. So much oh my god this is awesome thank you man oh.

So the one thing, I know lagged in the other kitchen was cabinet space. And yes old Bank of upper cabinets will provide plenty of plate storage glass storage all the drawers. And doors have a soft closed feature another feature is the integrated under counter sink okay the quartz countertop you just can wipe. And just. So there’s no more food in the grooves around the edges no wow now of course you’ve got the whole other end of the kitchen this is twice as big yes kitchen is yeah, I mean it feels twice as big let’s talk firepower okay good look the reason why, we’re here uh-huh was last year you guys had a big fire yeah it was actually right about here too. So what, we’re trying to do is, we’re giving you plugs that are not just great. And effective things to help you keep from having a fire again nobody wants to look through that twice. So you’ve got these grease shields this heavy heavy heavy duty fan just suck out all the grease that’s going around at the kitchen.

And it pops right off. So it’s super easy to clean you never have that accumulation of grease we never have to worry about it for you sign number two. So Tom there’s no direct flame no complain harder to catch fire another feature that, I added from your quartz countertops is the waterfall edge. So notice that your countertop is not necessarily on the counter but also as a panel that goes down or another element that we also added to your home is that we had it appraised your home is now valued at, more than it was five days ago King mr. good friends good food in great kitchens cheers Cheers you guys want to go shadow get comfortable the new living right ya mean this hairs gonna work Alex amazing. So that rye bread mix we have we got that funky caraway cheese on there now just kind of grilling them off. I’ll betcha, I can break her in this is awesome.

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