Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Space

Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Space
My name is Jackie Schechter. And I was one of the lucky recipients of a new kitchen. And the old kitchen cooking was kind of a chore it wasn’t very fun the layout was awful oh my God look at your face well the layouts probably my favorite part about the kitchen it just everything flows better now the sink is in a smart spot you know the ovens right next to it everything makes sense the thing, I like the most about it is that a whole family can be in space. And some people can be eating other people can be cooking. And other people can be cleaning up. And it can all happen together, I think what’s great about IKEA that all of its.

So well thought out for a family there are compartments for everything it helps organize your life. And it also same time, I do the breakfast routine for the kids in the morning. And every morning instead of the kids being in the other room reading TV they’re usually at the island sitting here while having their breakfast if it you know watches but our new kitchen is helped change the experience of hosting our family. And friends we can not only make them good food that they can actually enjoy being in the space the fix extension experience has been fantastic for me it was great to be part of the show. And the finished product is is outstanding it’s really improved our lives. And it’s really made a pleasure of group.

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Cooking before fix this kitchen was nothing but a chore, I really didn’t look forward to it what is the one thing in this kitchen that will hate that would definitely be the range right over here really yeah this really huge functional kitchen, I could cook whatever, I want whatever, I want, I can’t wake the show will this kitchen has both functionality. And style the thing, I like best about my new kitchen is the new range, I got five gas burners a lot better, I can simmer a lot easier more than anything at once the thing, I like most about the new kitchen is the open layout before we were all closed in. And ever since it’s been opened up it makes for a lot more social inclusive tech space in our house really pleased with the quality of that IKEA products that we have in the kitchen now you know it’s only been a year you know you can tell they’re gonna last a really long time, I think will really really loves this kitchen, I think he probably feels liberated to try a lot more things in the kitchen a little bit more adventurous to thank chef Marcus for his help with the new kitchen, I am using three recipes from one of his couplets here a spiced horn with tomatoes. And one of the reasons we picked it is. Because it’s August in Maryland. And that’s what’s fresh right now. So, I think it’s really wonderful actually, I learned a lot. And it’s been a lot more time with the world gather.

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