Kitchen Design Ideas Layout

Kitchen Design Ideas Layout

Now that I’ve been able to cook in this kitchen for a year. I’m surprised, I survived on the other one the old kitchen was in absolute disrepair. And it was absolutely no fun to be in, I nominated Heidi. Because if anyone deserves this kitchen it’s her holy crap this is not my house now we’ve got granite countertops soft clothes cabinets where she probably my favorite feature in this kitchen it’s given me. So much extra space to work with the new IKEA kitchen has it improved our life.

And I think, I can boil down to space. And they use the same amount of square footage but incorporated storage. So now we can actually put things away now that we have twins crawling around my wife. And I can cook in the kitchen look out into the living room. And see where they’re at my family loves for cooking um it’s. So much more fun to host parties it’s, I think. So much easier to hang out with them, I love this kitchen. And I honestly it would recommend an IKEA kitchen to anyone else. And if we ever have to move, I think. I’m gonna cut it out. And bring it with me. Because, I don’t think. I’ll ever find a better kitchen.

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Cooking before fixes kitchen was horrible. And we hated it, I am doing this for salba she is my best friend my sister there’s no space in this kitchen to really prepped. And now, I have a party anything Sam stole Jade oh how can you cook good food with this mess. And now we can actually both move freely seamlessly in. And out of the kitchen she can go to her corner, I can go to my corner no arguing no bickering things actually get done my favorite part about this in kitchen is probably the kitchen island it’s a great focal point as well as a great functional space it’s incredibly large you know we have way more room ain’t way more cooking space the layout. And the design of everything is. So smart, I can be on one side. And actually grill. And cook. And use the refrigerator easily or be on the other side. And and get to clean up. And put stuff in the sink it’s something that, I imagine in these large grand kitchens. But I keas design has made it. So easy for anyone to have it. And even small spaces, I know they love the fact that the wall is now gone. So there’s no more secret prepping. And what’s going on in there. And how come it’s taking. So long that can actually now be a part of the prepping. And cleanup which is all right everyone take a seat it is ready as a result of having in the kitchen they are here more often. And you get to spend enough time with each other. And just enjoy it enjoy each other’s company.

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