Kitchen Essentials For Under $4,000

Your recipe for a go-to kitchen starts with the right essentials

Philips Viva Collection Digital Airfryer (HD9238/01), $289 at Tangs


The perfect accompaniment to your cooktop, the range hood takes away the odours and fumes produced during meal preparations to allow your olfactory senses to enjoy only the delicious aromas. Its in-built fan blower frees your kitchen from excess heat too – further enhancing your cooking experience.

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Chimney hood

This design is favoured by stylish home dwellers because of its distinctive look. Essentially, it is a range hood with a chimney-like canopy. It can be installed freestanding and over an island, or mounted on the wall above the hob. + Ideal as a focal point in a spacious kitchen

Telescopic hood

Play hide and seek with an exhaust hood that can be pulled out when you’re ready to cook and disappears into an upper cabinet when you’re done. All that’s left is its sleek front – and a kitchen that’s free of fumes.

+ Suits compact spaces

Kitchen Essentials For Under $4,000

Canopy hood

It is built right into a flat panel – cabinet or wall element – right above the cooktop and

Bosch downdraft stainless steel hood


Refrigerator (ETE4602GA), $1,659 at Harvey Norman

Jurong Point

Mistral MRC908

Rice Cooker (0.8L), $88 at COURTS

fits flush within the paneling for ventilation that you can feel but hardly see.

+ Complements a minimalist interior

Kitchen Essentials For Under $4,000

Kitchen Essentials For Under $4,000

Downdraft ventilation hood

Unlike traditional ventilation systems, this resides behind the cooktop instead of above it. When not in use, simply press a button and it’ll lower and retract back into the countertop – and completely out of sight + Achieves a completely seamless look




Electrolux Steam

Oven (EOB3434BOX), $1,399 at Harvey

Norman Jurong Point, Millenia Walk and Parkway Parade

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