Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas


Sanding and cleaning floorboards

Old pine floorboards here have simply been sanded and sealed. The colour of this type of wood can vary from quite pale to a dark orange the lighter the shade of the floor, the easier it is to find rugs and other furnishings that work well with the plain unstained wood. The combination here results in an understated and clean look – with a touch of comfort.

Sanding a floor is usually done using two machines, the larger one to sand the main area of the floor and the smaller one for finishing around the edges. The machines are very noisy and produce a lot of dust, so wear ear defenders and a face mask.

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Fix a sheet of coarse paper around the drum of the larger machine; fit it as tightly as possible to reduce the likelihood of it tearing during use. Start the machine with the drum raised above the floor. Begin moving the machine forwards and gently lower the drum so that it comes into contact with the floor before the full weight of the machine is lowered down onto the boards. Raise the drum off the floor gently at the end of a cut. This action will prevent the machine from grinding grooves into the floor. Very uneven or badly cupped boards can be levelled more quickly if sanded diagonally first. Once the boards are level, sand along the boards to remove sanding marks from the diagonal cut; this is a bit like mowing the lawn, just going patiently back and forth. Change the sanding paper from time to time as it will wear and its efficacy will diminish, and empty the dust bag when it is a third full in order to prevent the machine throwing out dust.

When the floor is level fix the same grade of paper onto the edging machine. It is worth noting that this machine tugs away from you, which can be tiring for the back.

Once you have done the edges use the next finest grade of paper on the large machine. It is usually only necessary to make

Using a sanding machine

1 Tilt the drum off the floor before starting the machirx and before each stroke or you will gouge the floorboan

2 Start by running the machine in diagonal sweeps aero the boards with as little overlap as possible.

3 Then run the machine along the length of the boards, the process may need to be repeated two or three timet

4 Use an edging sander along the skirting boards, echoing the range of sandpapers used for the main area

Preparation for decorative finishes three or four passes before moving on to the next finest grade. Alternate with the edger using the finer grades of paper in the same way. Finish the corners and other inaccessible areas with an orbital sander or by hand. On previously varnished floors it may be easier to soften the old varnish in the corners with paint stripper before finishing by hand.

Vacuum up the dust and also take some time to suck up dirt from the gaps between the boards, otherwise your paintbrush will pick up the debris during staining, painting or sealing and spoil the finish.

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