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Time to cover up Another important consideration is whether your setting is going to be protected by a permanent overhead cover (like an awning, verandah or roof) or if it is going to be largely exposed to the elements. If you don’t have a permanent, weatherproof structure over your outdoor area (and erecting one isn’t an option), then an easy solution is to have covers fitted for use during the cooler months. Outdoor furniture retailers and stores such as barbecue outlets sell “one size fits all” covers for tables, dining chairs, armchairs, two- and three-seater couches and the like. Many of the higher-end furniture retailers offer covers as an additional extra, so check this when making your purchase. Kitchen interior design ideas photos Umbrellas and awnings will of course provide some protection (mainly against UV rays and rain), however all outdoor furniture will need some basic care and cleaning (at least twice a year) to keep it looking good and to ensure that it lasts for many years to come. Size does matter LARGE SPACES: If you have a large open space with lots of room to move, you have more options. That said, big areas can sometimes look cold, sparse and unwelcoming, so setting up zones within that space can help produce an inviting atmosphere. You might like to create dining and lounge areas and then warm them up with soft furnishings. SMALL SPACES: On the other hand, if you are a little short on space, furniture that can be extended or folded and tucked away can be a saviour. Also look at furniture with double uses, such as bench seating that doubles as storage. Tall tables and bar stools are space-smart options for small courtyards and foldable dining settings can be easily stored away when not in use to maximise your space.

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