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Sixties-style lino can be a major turn-off for buyers. No matter what flooring you decide to install, you’ve got to rip up all the old stuff first. You’ll need Sharp utility knife; gloves; pinch bar; pincers Here’s how STEP 1 Run sharp utility knife around perimeter of floor. Kitchen interior design ideas If the skirting boards have been fixed after the floor was laid, carefully remove the skirtings and retain so they can reinstalled later. Wearing gloves, pull up a corner of the lino and rip it up. STEP 2 Lino is laid on masonite backing that is fixed to the timber floor. To rip it up, start at the door where you can get under it. Use pinch bar to lift the masonite sheets and pull the nails out. Depending on how many nails were used, the sheets are more likely to break off in small pieces rather than large sheets. If you intend to end up with a polished timber floor, take care not to damage floorboards below while ripping up masonite. Use pincers to remove any nails or staples left in the floor. Tip 25 PAINTING YOUR KITCHEN The kitchen is unlike other rooms when it comes to painted finishes – the moisture, smoke and heat of cooking means you need to specially prepare old surfaces as well as pick the right paint and apply it properly. Gather your supplies Sugar soap Plaster finishing compound Stain-, smoke- and odour-blocking primer (try Dulux Precision Stain, Smoke and Odour Blocker) Paint designed for kitchens (try Dulux Wash&Wear Plus Kitchen and Bathroom) You’ll also need Bucket and sponge; scraper; sandpaper; paint brush, roller and tray.

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