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Sheikh Mohamed was extremely brief but pleasant. I had spent most of the day looking for a Muse. One who would inspire and bring forth a story that has not been told before, something distinctive. After hours and hours of scrolling, just before I decide to carry forward my online search to the next day, I stumble upon this picture of a Somali man, young and sturdy with what I thought was green hair. ‘Green haired Somali man,’. I thought, how interesting. Looking closer, I realise that the green is sea weed.

When I finally met Abdulkadir, he told me that he was born in Mogadishu in the 1970’s. He first moved to Italy when he was a teenager before moving to Canada where made his home for a while before returning to Somalia to be close to his family. Abdulkadir now lives in Mogadishu; a city he says is is everything to him. The simplicity itself is truly a charm with its historical places like Xamar Weyne Alley, the oldest quarter of Mogadishu. There is also

A lot comes to mind when you hear ‘Mogadishu’ and more often than not, it isn’t positive. Home & Living reveals a side of this town that is full of life, music and is superbly vibrant. Words and pictures by Cherie Lindiwe.

Cliff Point at Jazeera Beach which offers a stunning view of the Indian Ocean.

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