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There are a bunch of us trying to save New London in the appropriate way, he saysthe way Union Station was saved, and the Hygienic building, and a string of old houses Richard has bought and restored. I have been to the better-known attractions that draw visitors to the area.The U.S. Coast Guard Museum and Connecticut College’s Lyman Allyn Art Museum, strong in American Impressionists, both lie just upriver. The Nautilus (first nuclear-powered submarine) rests in retirement just across the Thames in the submarine capital Groton, Connecticut. Kitchen remodeling designer Now, with cool, perfect-for-walking days ahead, I set off on New London streets armed with Richard’s suggestions of sights to see. Kitchen remodeling designer Starting on the seaside promenade at Ocean Beach Park, which I share with a few bundled strollers, I work my way downtown. I find the Hempsted Houses, one a Hawthorne-esque wood structure dating to 1678, I make the State Street gallery roundsthe Alva, with an eclectic international inventory; the Burnished Chariot; and of course the Hygienic, more appetizing now than it ever was. I am pleased to see that what’s new is vigorously and originally so. Just like whatever was running through the mind of that boy by the ferry terminal … the one sketching the lighthouse.

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