Laminate Flooring Ideas

Laminate Flooring Ideas


1 When applying stain to a floor with a rag, work along one board at a time, building up thin layers of colour.

2 Apply varnish stain with a brush, but work back across your floor moving along one board at a time as before.

Painting floors types of flooring, the only really limitir factor on utilizing the full potential of floo with paint is that of time.

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As the choice of designs is so immens another problem is knowing where to star what to do. The key to a successful pain; floor is to ‘keep it simple’. A room with rf minimum of plain, simple wooden furnitu and neutral fabric colours could have a bla; of deep colour and intricate pattern on tl floor as a stunning focal point, but it wou be rare. Most rooms have some mixc colours in the form of fabric and furnishins others are positively cluttered due to smal space city living. For a floor that is to act a quiet backdrop to the rest of the roon choose neutral tones; introduce one colon or perhaps at the most two, that match son other colour in the room. Shades of the san colour look very effective together.

A neutral floor can be transformed by tl addition of a simple coloured line acting as border. For example, the floor could be a sc semi-transparent series of cool cream squar divided by mid-oak parquet blocks. Tl same colours could be used in the borde delineated by two Gustavian green line these would ‘lift’ the whole design and gh the border greater definition.

Instead of using an overall design, you can leave the floor basically plain, and just add a border around the edge- O boards have been left here in their natural state and a simple border added that picks up on the colour of the doorfrar and floorcloth, not only offering decorative interest but also helping to unify several elements in the room.

Laminate Flooring Ideas Photo Gallery

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