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The previous owners of the house had spent twenty-five years working to create a visual paradise. House and garden are situated virtually on the river’s edge. The configuration of land forms natural islands’ where short grass paths have been made. These twist and turn, offering ceaseless surprises: a hidden statue; an unexpected view of the river. Small bridges connect the islands’ and a strategically-sited gazebo provides a peaceful retreat and attractive vistas of the garden. Inside the house, the previous owners’ decorative ideas seemed almost to coincide with those of Jane Stevens. She was thus able to move in almost immediately. Nothing structural needed to be done; wiring and plumbing had recently been renewed, and the allocation of rooms more than adequately fitted the life-style of the new owners. All the reception rooms still have the same background colour as when the house was purchased. Painted bookcases and cupboards have been added, and carpets and curtains renewed wherever necessary but, fundamentally, the house 1-3 Further views of the drawingroom. Symmetrical arrangements of Venetian mirrors inherited from Jane Stevens’ mother, antique German porcelain lamps and Georgian tapestry-covered chairs flank the door (2). 4, 6 and 8 The charms of the garden include a delightful gazebo and stone statues set against ivy-clad walls, some with old mirrors for surprise, but the lake is the abiding showpiece. 5 and 7 Two of the bedrooms, one with a boldly-patterned Victorian wallpaper which was already in situ (7).

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