Led Lighting For Gallon Cube

Led Lighting For Gallon Cube

Marking Guide Lines on a Ceiling

It will be found a great help to mark a guide line on the ceiling to assist in placing the paper correctly. Such guide lines are easily marked with a length of string which has been suitably treated with a chalk of dark colour.

If your paper is 21 inches wide, mark off at one end of the ceiling a point 21 inches from the face of the wall, along which you will lay your first paper. One end of the chalked string is then lightly nailed on this point. The string is pulled taut at the other end of the room and then pulled away from the ceiling and allowed to snap back into position, so that a chalk impression is left for you to follow when applying the paper.


DISTEMPERING is probably the easiest and cheapest form of decoration, and it is specially suitable for new walls and ceilings where other and more expensive treatments might be damaged by the still active lime in the plaster.

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